Chris Neiman

When I create art, I love the adventure of exploring the intersection between the human and the divine.  I seek to express the contradiction and dance of opposites: the real and unreal, the seen and unseen, infinite Self and the finite body. 

I start each painting with a clear point of departure, an inspiration from a specific event, experience, or perception.  Meditations, dreams, poems, musings and conversations all tend to work their ways into my paintings. Sometimes (the fun times), inspiration takes off on its own, and the painting and I end up in new and unexpected cosmic landscapes. 

Many people describe my work as happy, spiritual, and meaningful. I always hope that a viewer feels a resonance with the magic of their own existence, a recognition of the Divine Journey, a glimpse into Big Magic, a reminder of the multiple potentialities we live in. 


Phone: 617 356.3005